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June 10, 2009
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Part 7
    Shadow could feel Mephiles's envy of him. Amy loved him, not Mephiles. His strong bond with her though still puzzled Shadow. How could a dark, evil person like him actually love someone? He said love was a joke, Shadow thought. It was all over now anyway, so why don't I just kill myself? Everyone else in the world had died in the. . .accident. It was neither Mephiles's or Amy's fault. They didn't mean for it to be unleashed. So many questions unanswered, Shadow thought.

    "Mephiles? What happened. . .? Are you all right?"
    "Shhh, Amy. Don't worry about me." Amy's eyes were closed, but she could feel hands on her and could smell warm blood.
    "Where's Shadow?"
    "He's fine. You were shot by Eggman. You are still able to get injured. I guess my prediction was incorrect."
    "What prediction?"
    "I thought that handing over your soul to me would make you immortal, but apparently not. Now, when you were shot, the bullet just barely missed your lungs and hit your ribcage. It may take a while to heal, but I can assure you that once the eclipse happens, it will be gone."
    "Thank you so much. I don't think that there is any way to repay you for this."
    "No? Well, since you've given me everything I want, I ask for no reward. I wish to not take any more from you."
    "What time is it?'
    "12:17 PM."
    "Don't you sleep?"
    "No. If I could though, I wouldn't because of the state your in. It was my fault this happened you. It was foolish of me not to prevent this."
    "No! It's not your fault! Don't say that. For a dark person like you, your awfully polite."
    Mephiles sighed. "You just don't understand. I am evil. I am dark. You . .well, have well . . ."
    "Mephiles, are you ok?" Amy opened her eyes and looked up at him.
    "No. Something is wrong with me. It is like you have tamed me, but inside I'm still unpredictable and cruel. Nothing will ever change that. Nothing." He stood up. "You, on the other hand, can tolerate me. In turn, I can tolerate you." He was now shaking. "I'm losing my mind. I don't even care about the eclipse. I just care about you. The center of my life is now you. I'm supposed to hate you." He sat down again and leaned closer to her, which strangely did not make her flinch this time. "What is it in you that makes me care so much? And why am I so afraid of losing you? In 12 days, you will probably die. Why am I afraid of that? Why am I afraid at all? It is not right."
    Amy started crying. She didn't like to see anyone in pain as horrible as the pain Mephiles was suffering. But why? How could someone like him feel so strongly about her? She felt the same way when Shadow began liking her. Is he trying to trick me? Something isn't right.
    "Please don't cry. Please." He wiped a tear off her face. "It only makes me feel worse."
    "Mephiles, I . . ."
    "Don't apologize either." Then he lied next to her. "You should get some rest. I'll be here if you need me. Always."
    Amy turned towards him. "Mephiles, are you jealous of Shadow?"
    He sighed. "Yes. Please, don't ask me why. Something has happened to me."
    "I'm sorry." she whispered.
    Amy dreamed that night. She dreamt of her and Shadow trapped in the dark alone. They had no way of escape, and Shadow was barely alive. Suddenly a strange purple light appeared and Shadow was swept away. Mephiles appeared, and seemed to be angry. Why was he angry? He just stood there, staring at her, but then spoke.
    "Why could I let this happen to us?"
    "What? What happened Mephiles?"
    "No. No. Run Amy. Run. Let it kill me instead of you."
    "No! Mephiles wait! What's going on?!"
    "I'm sorry for treating you so terribly. It is in my nature. I was created to bring people pain. You must go somewhere far away from me. It, was only created to destroy." He started laughing. "Run Amy Rose. Run! Or else face you death, by my own hands. If it doesn't kill you first . . .I will."
    Amy woke up with beads of sweat running down her forehead and breathing hardly. Mephiles was still right next to her, but he appeared to be lost in thought, until he said, "Amy, you talk in your sleep." That wasn't normal, she thought.
    "What did I say?"
    "Well, first you were screaming, and then you started calling Shadow's name out. You were also shaking uncontrollably. Then you umm . . ."
    "Then you . . .ahem . . .reached for my hand. You thought I was Shadow. Did you have a nightmare?"
    "Uh . . .yes."
    "Could you tell me about it?"
    "Uh . . ."
    "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."
    "Well . . ."
    "Nevermind. Anyway, I was also wondering if you were hungry."
    "I am a little."
    "Good." He handed her a plastic Zip-lock bag filled with strawberries.
    "Were did you get those?"
    "I picked them. I thought that you might want them."
    "Thanks." She popped one of them into her mouth. "So, umm . . ."
    "I was just wondering . . .if you could be . . .normal, what would you be doing today?"
    "Good question." Mephiles ruffled his quills and stood up. "Oh, yes. I forgot. Here." He handed her a slip of notebook paper with Shadow's sloppy writing scrawled all over it. "Shadow left this for you. He said it was important that I didn't read it. . ."
Ok, here is part 7. Yes, I know it may be getting a little bit weird, but that will all change very soon. Please comment.
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iluvshadow1 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Student
awww mephiles is so sweet of not reading the things shadow wrote
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its a shadamy story ^^ but with a little bit of mephiles+amy i think
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ShadowHedgieGirl Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2009  Student General Artist
Thanks! :D
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